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2021 Holiday Wine Guide!

The Grape Therapy 2021 Holiday Wine Guide is here! This year, I decided to get a little help from my wine loving friends! I asked some of my favorite wine professionals and influencers what they think of when it comes to holiday wines!

"When it comes to holiday wine, there are two things that come to mind.

First off - bubbly! The holidays are all about celebration and sparkling is always a fun way to start the party! Plus it’s always a crowd pleaser.

The second thing I think of is food friendly wines! I love Cabernet Franc and Gamay for reds. They’re lighter bodied so they don’t overpower the food, and they pair equally well with vegetable dishes as they do with meat. For whites, I lean towards Chenin Blanc and Riesling. Both high in acidity, they’re the perfect palate cleanser for the heavier foods enjoyed during the holidays!

For Riesling, I love Paetra in OR. For Chenin, I enjoy Arnaud Lambert from Loire Valley and Final Girls in CA. Sparkling: Breze Cremant de Loire is great but also Segura Viuda Cava.

As for Gamay and Cab Franc, I tend to like to explore new producers. I just go to my local wine shop and ask for their favorite!”

- Hailey from CORK AND FIZZ

“I would say I think of Pinot Noir specifically for Thanksgiving and just because it’s such a great pair with most meals. You can also spend a little or a lot on it which I think is nice if you want to splurge or are in a budget. If you’re looking for specific wines, lately I’ve been digging Santa Barbara specifically Alma Rosa Winery.

I also just love a good heavier fireplace for the holidays after dinner. Something like a brooding Syrah or Monastrell. 😍”


“I would pick two types of wines:

On one hand I think of a wine like Cote des Roses which is the perfect holiday gift as it symbolizes love with it's rose on the bottom. On the other hand, I think of terroir wines, with a rich history! For example, La Forge from Gerard Bertrand. That is the type of wine you want to bring to a dinner to tell the story to the audience”

“When I think of holiday wine I think of loads of CAVA!!! I want to keep the party going all day long and cava is one of THE MOST crowd pleasing bubbles ! It goes well with so many different foods from your lights apps to savory meats, plus isn’t too high in alcohol so grab lots and keep the festivities rolling well into your night🥂🥂”


“When I think the holidays I think cozy bold reds- like a good Napa Cab by the fire or on the other hand fun bubbly celebrations with champagne🍾”

- Kimberlee from THATBLONDEWINO

“A deep dark red fruit wine? Definitely heavy. It’s a wine you want to drink when it’s cold outside. Something that will warm you right up 🍷

Anything from Orin Swift is a 10/10 for warming up the belly”

- Katie & Ann from NOBULLSIPWINES


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